The hoarfrost arround your eyes
has fallen to the ground
since rain came down
and made me cold

I made come down this rain
I know it was my fault
and it’s been wholesome for my brain
and my behaviour
was childlike, not adult
but i can’t change myself
a false show i can’t make
cause i’m in love with you

You are the one
I‘m looking for
to make forget
all things that passed
I want to give all me to you

You said
I’ll never get the chance

So rain is changing into snow

And if you’ll lough about me
and all the words
I told and wrote for you
I dont regret to loose
this little precious piece of me
Then it will’ve been
like silent sterile nights
the play
I love
without a partner
a warm whiff softly breathed
into the icyness