CORONA-Briefe 2: weitere wissenschaftliche “Dissidenten” melden sich

Dass viele Klinik-Ärzte, jüngere WissenschaftlerInnen in Instituten und an Universitäten sich nicht trauen, ihre Meinung zum offiziellen Corona-Krisen-Narrativ laut zu sagen, konnte ich in den letzten Wochen in Praxen und Krankenhäusern erfahren. Dass sie sich ihre Karrieren nicht verbauen wollen, kann ich verstehen. So nimmt es nicht Wunder, dass sich meist ältere WissenschaftlerInnen gegen den Mainstream zu Wort melden. Sie haben ihre letzten Karriereschritte schon hinter sich und “nichts mehr zu verlieren”.

Diesen Eindruck bestätigt jetzt eine weitere warnende und mahnende Stimme,

der Immunologe & Toxikologe Prof. Dr. Stefan Hockertz:

Interview with Professor Didier Raoult in the Parisien newspaper 22 March 2020

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Professor Raoult is a leading expert on infectious diseases. He is confident he has a cure for Covid 19, which he is using in his Marseille hospital. He is having trouble getting the French health authorities to take him seriously. Despite his international renown he does not get on too well with the Parisian medical establishment. And he has long hair. Oh dear… Read on: —

[Translation Robert Harneis – The article in French is here: —]

LE PARISIEN – The government has authorized a large scale clinical trial to test the effect of Chloroquine on Coronavirus. Is having got that to happen important for you?

DIDIER RAOULT – No, I couldn’t care less. I think there are people living on the Moon and who contrast controlled trials for Aids with trials for a new infectious disease. Like any other doctor, once a treatment has been shown to be effective, I find it immoral not to use it. It is as simple as that.

LE PARISIEN – What do you say to doctors who recommend caution and have reservations about your trials and the effect of Chloroquine, particularly in the absence of more extensive trials?

DIDIER RAOULT – Let me make myself clear: I am a scientist and I think like a scientist with verifiable evidence. I have produced more data about infectious diseases than anybody else in the world. I am a doctor, I see sick patients. I have 75 patients in hospital, 600 consultations a day.

So, regarding the opinions of other people, I couldn’t care less. In my team we are practical people, not birds for television interviews.

LE PARISIEN – How did you come to work on Chloroquine with the idea that it could be an effective treatment for Coronavirus?

DIDIER RAOULT – The problem in this country is that the people that talk are abysmally ignorant. I did a scientific study of Chloroquine and viruses, which was published, thirteen years ago. Since then four other studies by other authors have shown that Coronavirus responds to Chloroquine. None of that is new.

That the group of decision makers do not even know about the latest science takes my breath away. We knew about the potential effect of Chloroquine on cultured viral samples. It was known that it was an effective antiviral.

We decided in our experiments to add a course of treatment of azithromicyne (an antibiotic used against bacterial pneumonia – ed).

When we added azithromycine to hydrochloroquine, in treating patients suffering from Covid-19, the results were spectacular. …zur Fortsetzung hier anklicken:

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