Innerhalb eines Jahres starben zwei afrikanische Präsidenten an Gehorsamsverweigerung mit folgender “Herzattacke”

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hat mir die folgenden news aus Kenia geschickt. Die darin aufgestellte Behauptung, China wäre an der “Herzattacke” des Tansanischen Präsidenten wie seines Burundischen Kollegen beteiligt, teile ich nicht. Eine solche Beteiligung stünde im diametralen Gegensatz zur chinesischen Politik und würde zu einem (von den EUSA-NATO beabsichtigten) langnachwirkenden Schaden für China führen.

Photo: John Pombe Magufuli. Source: Facebook
Den promovierten Chemiker und Plandemie-Gegner, den tansanischen Präsidenten Dr. John Magufuli versuchte man als “afrikanischen Nobody” und Scharlatan zu verunglimpfen. Welche wirtschaftlich-strategischen Interessen diese Rufmordkampagne betrieben, enthüllen die Kenianischen Meldungen. Es ging eben nicht nur um die Impf-und Impfstoff-Test-Kampagne von Gates und WHO.

Hier folgen jetzt die Meldungen des Kenianischen Senders KDRTV:

Tanzanian President John Magufuli Was Allegedly Poisoned By The Chinese In Collaboration With The Western Countries’ Spies In 2019,

China offered to give Tanzania a loan to expand Dar es Salaam port if they agree to

*No construction of a new port.

*Chinese to head the port for 30 years

*99 year lease.

President Magufuli refused, saying only a mad man would sign that.

President John Magufuli made Tanzania a middle Income country.

He rejected a $10 billion loan from China

He didn’t go on state trips outside Africa

He reduced the cabinet’s size from 30 to 19

He banned Government officials from foreign trips & abolished their tax exemptions.

Magufuli accused UK company, Acacia Mining of illegal mining and ordered them to pay $193 billion for undervaluing Tanzania’s gold exports.

Over 250 containers of theirs were seized at Dar es Salaam port.

They paid $300 million and gave Tanzania 16% ownership in 3 mines.

Magufuli introduced free education in government schools in 2016.

He acquired 6 Air Tanzania planes, expanded Terminal III of Julius Nyerere International Airport.

He built Tanzania Standard Gauge Railway, Mfugale Flyover, Julius Nyerere Hydropower Station, Ubungo Interchange.

Dr. Magufuli built Selander Bridge, Kigongo-Busisi Bridge, Huduma Bora Za afya, Vituo Bora Za Afya, expanded Port of Dar es Salaam, Dodoma Bus Terminal, an LNG plant, a water project, a wind farm project, Uhuru Hospital project, a gold refinery plant, and Magufuli Bus Terminal.

Late President Dr. John Magufuli excelled in infrastructure and financial affairs.

He faced numerous accusations of human rights abuses and was accused of repressing the opposition. He also banned explicit images or videos online.

He wasn’t a saint, but was a true son of Africa.

Tanzanian President John Magufuli Was Allegedly Poisoned By The Chinese In Collaboration With The Western Countries’ Spies

By Collins K’ebwato

KDRTV News Dodoma-

A high ranking Government official in Tanzania has claimed that Dr. John Pombe Magufuli was killed by the Chinese in collaboration with the Western Countries because he stood strong and denied them entry into Tanzania and blocked them from accessing the rich mineral resources in the Country.

The official who spoke to KDRTV News correspondent in Tanzania requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the information who also revealed that they are investigating all the leads and will come with a conclusive report on how their beloved President Dr. John Pombe Magufuli died a man who was very energetic and healthy.

The Government official disclosed very scanty details of the events that led to the President’s condition which deteriorated so fast and worsened day by day until his demise which is still a mystery because the Vice-president who announced the death said that he died on Tuesday evening East African time while online rumors indicated that he died in a Kenyan Hospital in Nairobi.

Former Tanzania Presidential candidate, Mr. Tindu Lissu who run against Dr. Pombe Magufuli, claimed on his social media accounts and on BBC TV show that the President was critically ill and had been flown out of the country for specialized treatment.

President Dr. John Pombe Magufuli directed that all minerals that are extracted in Tanzania must be manufactured in the Country and no raw materials should be exported without prior approval from his officials which made it very difficult for companies from the east or western Countries to access the raw materials and export them to their countries.

In a recent event that shocked many people, he impounded raw materials at the Port of Dar es Salam which were destined for China, and demanded that the firm should manufacture the materials in Tanzania.

Eddie Sengola :

FYI, the President of Burundi, Pierre Nkurunziza, also died of heart attack, just few weeks after he delivered a speech against Masks and lockdowns and after kicking out of the country, the WHO representative.

Both Presidents, John Magufuli and Pierre Nkurunziza were not even that old Presidents.

The first two African Presidents ever, to die of heat attack in the office.

And both within a year.

All such facts and coincidences point to the Deep State/CIA’s gun that causes heart attack.

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